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Sudden death—a nightmare threatening millions of lives worldwide. Every year, millions of people succumb to this condition, with most sudden deaths occurring without prior warning signs. It seemed there was no chance to prevent or prepare for such an unpredictable tragedy.

But now, we bring forth a powerful solution—a smartwatch that can change the way you perceive sudden death.

1. SpO2 Monitoring: One of the leading causes of sudden death is a lack of oxygen in the blood. Our smartwatch not only accurately measures blood oxygen levels but also provides alerts at the first sign of decline. This enables you to detect and address dangerous situations before it’s too late.

2. Blood Pressure Monitoring: Unstable blood pressure is a major factor leading to sudden death. By monitoring blood pressure regularly, our smartwatch not only helps you control cardiovascular health but also alerts you to any abnormal fluctuations.

3. Danger Alert: Perhaps more frightening than being trapped in a dangerous situation is not recognizing it. Our smartwatch is not just a measuring device but a reliable companion, always ready to alert you immediately at the first sign of health danger.

4. Rapid Response: In emergencies, every second counts. Our smartwatch not only issues alerts but also activates emergency measures and notifies your loved ones, ensuring you receive timely assistance.

5. Peace of Mind Anytime, Anywhere: With our smartwatch, you need not worry about the risk of sudden death every day. You can live a healthier and happier life, knowing you always have a reliable companion.

Don’t let sudden death become a nightmare in your life. Choose our smartwatch and allow us to help you protect your health and life most effectively and safely!

Additionally, our smartwatch has the capability to track sleep patterns, providing comprehensive insights into your overall well-being.

Geekran Diabetes Watch: Your communication and health hub.

Track key health metrics, manage stress, and stay connected from your wrist.

Track your sleep, heart rate and activity, plus make calls and receive texts – all in one beautiful device. More than 9 sports modes

Comprehensive health monitoring (more than 10 metrics)

Your own wrist health assistant with the FREE mobile app

Make and receive calls. The SOS Call feature is now available!

General Specifications

  • WATCH SIZE: 1.7 inches
  • STRAP: Replaceable: Black / Steel/ Blue / Brown / Net Tape
  • BLUETOOTH: 5.0
  • RESOLUTION: 360×360
  • HEART RATE: 24 hours continuously
  • INTEGRATION: IOS & Android
  • MEASUREMENT: HR, Lipids, blood pressure, Acid Uric,…..

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