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The #1 Toy For Dogs Who Like To Destroy Other Toys!

Are you tired of trying to find the perfect toy for your doggy that won’t be instantly destroyed! We feel you, that’s why we created the PawKick Doggy Ball!

The ultimate canine playmate that will transform your bonding experience with your beloved pet. The longest-lasting soccer ball ever for you and your pup to enjoy playtime stress free!

Why Get The Pawkick Doggy Soccer Ball?

PawKick takes playtime with your dog to a new level.

This durable ball will help your and your dog improve emotional connection & build unforgettable memories! Get ready for quality bonding time with every tug, toss and chase!

No more destructive boredom or unruly behavior. With the PawKick, your pet will stay active, content and fulfilled, whether indoors or outdoors.

Make Your Doggy Happy!

We can guarantee that your pup will LOVE the PawKick Doggy Ball!

At first glance it looks like a regular soccer ball.. However, the sturdy nylon straps and special corset mesh inside make it EXTREMELY durable and hard to tear apart.

Your dog’s attention will be focused on the straps and not the ball itself, making it easy to grab, tug, and toss around!

All our customers were surprised that their dogs couldn’t bite into the ball and rated it their pups #1 favorite toy!

Perfect For Every Breed

Unlike other dog toys you’ve tried before, this one will actually last long!

Regardless of your dog’s breed – Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, you name it – all of them will love The Pawkick Doggy Soccer Ball!

Durable, Safe & Lasts Long!

Keeping your dog in mind, The PawKick Doggy Ball was designed with robust non-toxic materials!

The durable sturdy straps and a special corset mesh lining make it burst-proof, easy to clean and ensures fun for years to come!

Endless Playtime & Bonding!

With our Pawkick Doggy Soccer Ball, you can tug, toss, play catch…and more. The opportunities are endless.

Take it anywhere; it’s perfect for playtime at home, parks, swimming pools, lakes, or on sandy beaches!

Do your doggo a favor and get them one of these! Give them the joy, love and fun they deserve!

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Small – 4.9 inch, Medium – 5.9 inch, Large – 7.1 inch, Extra Large – 8.7 inch

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