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Crack all your neck bones, release years of tension, and feel like you’ve never felt before!

The NeckCracker cracks all your neck bones, and releases years of built up tension.

The NeckCracker is a home cervical traction device that uses gravity and the weight of your head to decompress your neck and restore the natural arch of the cervical vertebrae.

The NeckCracker™ is a home cervical traction device that uses gravity and the weight of your head to decompress your neck and restore the natural arch of the cervical vertebrae.

Who Should Use It?

The NeckCracker is useful for treating text neck and helping to restore the neck's natural posture.

If you’re suffering from frequent neck pain, shoulder aches and tension headaches, constantly stuck at the desk or forced to work from home, or if your head is habitually leaning forward due to prolonged use of mobile devices, a term known as “text neck”, then the NeckCracker is the solution for you. The NeckCracker is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


The NeckCracker can be used to help resolve a host of pain related problems around the neck and shoulder areas, including but not limited to:

  • Herniated and bulging disc
  • Pinched nerve
  • Dizziness and tension headaches
  • Chronic neck and shoulder pain
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Stiff neck
  • Muscle spasms around the neck
  • Relief nerve pressure and pain
  • Relief numbness and tingling along arms and hands

What is Cervical Traction

Graphical image of cervical traction.

Cervical Traction is the process of stretching the spinal vertebrae and muscles to relieve pressure and pain. Tension is used to pull or push the head away from the neck, thereby creating a space between the vertebrae. This allows nutrients and water to nourish the intervertebral disc, allowing muscles to relax and reduce nerve compression that causes pain, numbness and tingling down the length of the arm.

Acupressure Massage Points and Inlaid Magnets

Enjoy a soothing massage with 60 acupressure points to help unclog meridians and improve blood circulation along the upper back, shoulders and neck. 11 inlaid magnets embedded in the NeckCracker utilizes the benefits of magnetic therapy for healing and pain relief.

InfoGraphic of the NeckCracker and its features.

3 Curvature Settings to Choose From

NeckCracker is ergonomically designed with 3 different curvature settings to suit your comfort level. Just use it for 10 minutes a day and feel all the difference!

The NeckCracker has 3 curvature setting to suit different comfort levels and provide different levels of cervical traction.

How To Use NeckCracker

Instructions on how to use the NeckCracker neck traction device..


• Color: Green

• Size:38*25cm

• Manual adjustment: 3 height setting

• Application: Cervical, Neck

• Material: Environmentally friendly non-toxic ABS

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